Important Questions to Ask a Water Treatment Service

Important Questions to Ask a Water Treatment Service Do you have questions about the water in your home? If you have any doubt that your water is clean of contamination, you might need to contact a water treatment service for help. A professional will analyze your water to determine if there’s a problem that needs […]

Bad Water Costs

What is the cost of not having a Puramax

What is the real cost of not having a water treatment system for your home? From your bathroom shower, sinks, and surfaces start to look old and worn out to dry skin and hair that feels like straw, dirty hard water affects everything in your home. Water is essential to all your daily activities and […]

What to Know About Residential Water Treatment Options

What to Know About Residential Water Treatment Options If you’re like most Americans, you open your water tap and drink without giving it much thought. However, your municipal water system may not be as safe for use as you think. At-home water treatment can give you peace of mind. Here are some things you need […]

Well Water

Well water hidden dirt

USE OF WELL WATER DOUBLES CANCER RISK, STUDY SHOWS High concentrations of radon gas dissolved in well water appear to double the chances that cancer will develop in residents who drink it over several years, researchers from George Mason University who studied houses in Fairfax and Montgomery counties said this week. They tested the drinking […]

Soft Water Benefits

Having soft water has both physical benefits and personal benefits. Adding the soft water along with whole house water purification open a new world of advantages.

City Water

Is this what you call safe water

Your community supplied water isn’t what you think it is. The myth is that if they sell it to you, it must be safe, clean, and usable for all your household chores. Even in New York City that has the best water in the world, no one drinks it anymore! “Tap water provided by this […]

Water Test

What is in your water?

Our FREE basic water analysis yields immediate results for hardness grains, iron, copper, chlorine and TDS levels.

6 Tips for Home Water Treatment

Every day we use water to cook, drink, bathe and wash. But even the water coming into your home can be polluted or even dangerous for your family.