Free Water Tests

Know what’s in your water with a free, fast, & accurate water test from PuraSoft Water offering free basic water testing in the New York tri-state areas. Fill out the contact us form to see if you qualify for free water testing using or call us at (845) 320-3263!

A hard water test can help you pinpoint the precise steps to take as far as alleviating this problem. Let’s take a look at six such tests that will give you a clear idea of how to test for water hardness accurately.

When the minerals in hard water come into contact with soap, the soap scum is a reaction that occurs when the soap mixes with the dissolve dirt in your water.

Soft water produces plenty of bubbles; because the hardness that caused the scum is gone. The soap no longer sticks to your skin, creating a smooth soft natural feel. Skin rashes and enflamed eczema are the result the dissolved dirt and soap chemical irritants left on the skin.

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