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1) Healthier Skin & Hair

If you enjoy taking long showers, don't be surprised if guests comment on how much softer your skin is than theirs. Water that is highly mineralized will dry out their skin while yours remains hydrated due to the presence of calcium or magnesium ions in water. A water softener system will get rid of all those minerals without affecting the hardness of your drinking water. This means your soft water will create fewer split ends and frizzy hair

2) Reduces Lime Build-up on Plumbing Fixtures

Water that contains a high amount of minerals will produce limescale on the inside of water heaters and dishwashers. This mineral buildup can cause rust, leaks, and an unpleasant taste in your drinking water. The benefits of installing a water softeners include removing all minerals from your showering or washing water so no limescale is left behind to cause damage.

3) Cleaner, Spotless Dishes

Hard water can leave behind stains and spots on dishes so they never appear clean enough for company. Your dishes may also be cloudy rather than shiny when rinsed off in hard water due to the absence of magnesium which promotes luster. A home water softener system will remove any minerals in your water so spots and stains disappear, leaving crystal clear dishes.

4) Less Soap & Detergent Used

When you wash dishes by hand, using too much soap or detergent is unnecessary because hard water will rinse it away before it has time to react with food particles. You can immediately see the benefits of installing a home water softener system when you reduce the amount of soap used by almost 50% which saves money on groceries.

5) Maintains Softer Clothing

Softer clothing may just be one additional benefit of installing a water softener into your home. Since hard water doesn't dissolve well in such an environment, clothes coming out of the laundry could feel stiffer than what you remember from before. You may also notice more static being produced by synthetic fabrics. A water softener system can help you maintain a better balance of minerals in your water so clothes feel softer and any static cling is minimized.

6) Extends the Life of Your Plumbing System

Water that contains high amounts of minerals will cause corrosion inside pipes which leads to leaks, rust, and damage over time. Water that is softened won't leave behind any minerals in the pipes because it will pass through with ease so your plumbing system benefits from having all these minerals removed.

7) Allow Water Heater to Warm Up Water Faster

It takes longer for your home's hot water to heat up if hard water passes through the tank since iron within the heating element attracts these minerals. A water softener system benefits you by removing all minerals from the water before it passes through your water heater so heat is maintained more efficiently, resulting in hotter water faster.

8) Improves Efficiency of Water-Using Appliances

A dishwasher benefits from a home water softener since hard water can cause interior components to wear faster and even lead to rust inside the unit. The performance will increase with better results appearing on every load as well as reduced noise during operation. The benefits of installing a home water softener extend into your washing machine as well since less soap needs to be used which equals further savings on your electric bill month over month.

9) Softer Water Will Save You Money

Water that contains low mineral content can go through pipes without causing any damage while keeping clothes looking clean longer. The benefits of installing a water softener system also extend into appliances where they last longer than before while using less energy. More savings are realized when taking showers since soap doesn't need to be used as often. With salt-free systems available for purchase, you can even save money on your water softener by saving the salt that's not needed.

What Our Client Says

Terry KnightTerry Knight
23:11 18 May 22
I had a great experience working with Bill. He tested the water in my new home shortly after I moved in. I knew I needed a new system since it was new construction and I have well water for the first time. He delivered the purification system and it was installed successfully. I no longer have a sulphur smell and the water tastes great right from the tap! Highly Recommend working with Purasoft.
Ian O'BoyleIan O'Boyle
21:14 25 Mar 22
My new homes water smelt like fish! Purasoft was able to quickly instal a whole home water purifier and remove the odor.Quick service
03:43 30 Nov 21
We moved into a new house and discovered our well water smelled awful like rotten eggs. Bill came to the house and showed us the PuraSoft house filter and we purchased the system and are now enjoying delicious water right from our tap. Bill was very responsive to questions and phone calls and we couldn't be happier.
Michael Van SteynMichael Van Steyn
22:51 21 Nov 21
Great experience on everything from demo to install. Happy we switched.... Keep up the great work... Bill was the consummate pro! Best, MVS
Amy MaierAmy Maier
12:31 18 Nov 21
Bill was great. He took the time to walk me through the set up over the phone. After my husband messed it up.